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Course Levels

Our course levels correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

A1, Elementary level 1
Can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of needs of a concrete type. Can introduce himself/herself and others and can ask and answer questions about personal details, such as where he/she lives, people he/she knows and things he/she has. He/she can interact in a simple way, when the other person talks slowly and clearly.

A2, Elementary level 2
Can understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of most immediate relevance (e.g. very basic personal and family information, shopping, local geography, employment).Can communicate in some simple and routine tasks, which require the simple and direct exchanges of information on familiar and routine matters. Can describe his/her own background, temporal environment and matters, his/her own requests in simple terms.


B1, Intermediate level 1
Can discuss with other persons about the simple matters in our daily life, which we encounter in work, school, leisure time etc. Can deal with most situations in travelling, which happen in an area where the language is spoken. Can express his/her own ideas in such unknown situations. Can describe own experiences and events, dreams, hopes and ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for some opinions and plans.

B2, Intermediate level 2
Can understand the main ideas of complex texts on concrete or abstract topics. Can communicate with the native speakers fluently. Can produce a clear and detailed text on a range of subjects, explain some topical issues and give the advantages and disadvantages of them.


C1, Advanced level 1
Can understand a wide range of longer texts and recognise implicit meaning. Can express himself/herself fluently and spontaneously without seaching expressions. Can use the language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes. Can produce clear, well-structured and detailed text on such complex subjects in different ways.

Course level



Other Diploma


(10 weeks)

Basic Knowledge
in listening and speaking


(12 weeks)

Strengthen Basic Knowledge
for everyday purposes


(12 weeks)

Use language
relatively independently

Qualification to take part in ZD (B1 exam)


(12 weeks)

Use language
relatively independently


(11 weeks)

Skill-training in listening,
speaking, reading and writing

Qualification to take part the C1 exam, Test DaF or DSH

ZD ( Zertifikat Deutsch B1)
C1 exam ( formerly Zentrale Mittelstufen Prüfung ZMP )
TestDaF ( Der Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache ) language exam for German university application
DSH ( Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang ) language exam for German university application